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Who We Are

Winestry is founded with a mission to connect people, who are potential buyers or sellers of wine, with wine through our platform.

Winestry is a trusted online wine trading platform, offering a vast selection of wine especially some unique and exclusive wine from most of the key wine producing countries, where wine lovers and collectors, at anytime and anywhere, can easily find their favorite wine by accessing to our platform.

Winestry also helps individual wine sellers to build a sustainable business by providing a platform for them to sell their own wine at a designated price. People who intend to sell their wine can store the wine in our temperature-controlled warehouse before they are successfully sold on our platform. Moreover, Winestry provides wine inspection service in order to identify potential spoilage, prevent wine label fraud and prove provenance. It provides additional comfort to those who intend to purchase rare, aged and premium wine and enhances their confidence.

Winestry is part of Great Wall Terroir Holdings Limited (a company listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (stock code: 524)) with business interests in the telecommunication and related services, information technology and property investment business in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our team members are all passionate about wine. We have extensive backgrounds in the wine industry and in-depth experiences and knowledge in wine selection, wine evaluation, wine pairings and wine appreciation. Our team is dedicated to providing an e-marketplace which encompasses an extensive and diversified selection of wine from the world’s top estates, vineyards and wineries.

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