• Q: Who can register as a user in Winestry?

    A: We welcome all wine lovers. Sign up to be a user now.

  • Q: Who can register as a seller in Winestry?

    A: Anyone with a valid proof of Hong Kong address (either residential or office) that can receive wine delivery, can set up a seller account. In addition, a copy of identity proof or (for corporate seller) Business Registration Certificate is required to verify the identity. Sign up to be a seller now.

  • Q: How to create a user account in Winestry?

    A: It is very easy. Click Here. Just fill in some simple personal information, and then you can enjoy the service by activating your account through your email.

  • Q: How to activate my identity as a seller?

    A: After filling in all the information and submitting all the required documents, Winestry will confirm your identity and contact you. Your account will be activated after confirmation, and then you can upload your wine list and sell your wine.

  • Q: How much is the registration fee?

    A: It is free for both users and sellers.

  • Q: As a customer, what are the advantages of using Winestry?

    A: You can compare the prices easily, know the existing available inventory, purchase from multiple sources but deliver all at the same time.

  • Q: As a seller of wine, what are the advantages of using Winestry?

    A: You can set your price freely, know the market price instantly, and sell your wine easily by using our platform. Your wine can therefore be promoted to different wine lovers. Click Here to know more about the features of being a seller.

  • Q: How can I know more about the wine listed on Winestry?

    A: Customers can check the wine details on each product page, e.g. region, year, prices from different sellers, photo of the existing stock, etc. Special remarks on the wine will also be shown. Thus, buyers will have a clear understanding of the wine. Buyers can also send email to Winestry to ask for more information.

  • Q: Are there any limitations in selling wines through Winestry?

    A: Sellers can sell all the wines that are stored in Hong Kong.

    P.S. Winestry will confirm with the seller whether the wine can be placed on the platform after receiving the wine list and checking the quality of the wine. The above is subject to final confirmation of the wine list and the collected bottles.

  • Q: Do I have to be in Hong Kong when I make the purchase?

    A: No. You can purchase as long as you can provide a valid Hong Kong address for the delivery.

  • Q: If I do not have a delivery address in Hong Kong, can I ask Winestry to store my wine?

    A: We are sorry that we are not yet able to provide the storage service at this moment. We are looking forward to providing this service to customers soon.

  • Q: If I am already a user of Winestry, can I sell wines using my existing account?

    A: Yes. Just go to “Personal Information”, on the upper right hand corner, click “Become a seller”, and then submit your identity proof. After checking your identity, we will activate your existing account to become a seller account. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

  • Q: How can I buy wine in Winestry?

    A: Simply browse our website and search for the wine. Click “Buy”, and then select the payment method and delivery method. It takes around 3-7 working days for the delivery.

  • Q: How can I sell wine in Winestry?

    A: You can upload your wine list by using the Excel Module we design, or input your wine list manually. When Winestry receives the information, our team will take photos and manage your wine, and place your wine on the platform. Whenever there are buyers making orders, you will receive an email from Winestry. The wine list and its sale will also be recorded in “Your Inventory”. Click Here to know more about the features of a seller.

  • Q: If I do not use Excel to upload my wine list, how can I add my wine in Winestry?

    A: You can manually input each item on the website , or you can use the Excel Module we designed. Just fill in relevant information and then upload. If you have any enquiries, please contact cs@winestry.com.hk

  • Q: If I have uploaded my wine list previously, when I now update the wine list by uploading an updated version, what will happen to the information of the wine I stored before?

    A: Winestry will record the wine list you upload every time. If there are no changes in the wine list and the prices, you do not need to upload it again. At the same time, Winestry will check every wine list, if there is any duplicate, we will review the price and the quantity again.

  • Q: If there is any mismatch in the name, format, packaging of the wine from information entered through the Excel Module, what can I do?

    A: The system of Winestry will try to identify the name, volume and quantity of your wine. If you find any failure or error, please contact us by email.

  • Q: If the wine list uploaded by me is shown as “processing”, what does that mean?

    A: When the wine list is uploaded, Winestry will verify your wine list, and provide suggestions to the prices.

  • Q: In what currency is the price of wine denominated?

    A: It is denominated in Hong Kong dollars (HKD).

  • Q: If there are some special conditions relating to my wine, e.g. label, cork position, wine level, how can I raise these conditions?

    A: Sellers must specify all the special conditions when they make the price offer, if not, the price offer will be returned. If you input the wine details through the online form, you can specify the special conditions. If you use the Excel Module that Winestry designs to upload your wine list, special conditions have to be specified. P.S If there is any mismatch of the actual condition of wine from the description made by the seller, Winestry can refuse to accept the wine for listing.

  • Q: How can I make the payment in Winestry?

    A: Just follow some easy steps. Transaction can be done by filling in the delivery address and payment method. Winestry will also record the method you made the payment and the name of your account, to make the process of transaction more convenient.

  • Q: How is the logistics provided by Winestry?

    A: Winestry offers a prompt and professional service of logistics for customers and sellers at a reasonable price. We have a temperature control in the delivery service. Click Here to know more about the logistics information.

  • Q: How can I trace my order?

    A: We will follow the delivery schedule you have chosen , and deliver the wine to your specified address.

  • Q: Can I cancel my order?

    A: No, once the order process is completed, and the customer has settled the price successfully, Winestry will deliver the wine according to the delivery schedule and address.

  • Q: As a seller, when will I receive the payment?

    A: Once the purchase transaction is completed, we will send you an email. At the same time, the amount will be shown on the “My Assets” page. You may follow the simple steps to withdraw your designated amount from “My Assets”. Winestry will make the payment within 14 working days from receipt of your withdrawal request.

  • Q: What are Wine Dollar?

    A: Wine Dollar are the points that you have accrued in your account. ($1=1Wine Dollar), 100 Wine Dollar can be redeemed as $1 in offsetting bills in Winestry.

  • Q: How can I check how much Wine Dollar I have earned?

    A: You can check the Wine Dollar you earned in every invoice. Besides, you can also go to “My Wine Dollar” page, and check all the accumulated Wine Dollar and the records of your use of Wine Dollar.

  • Q: Are there any limitations in using Wine Dollar?

    A: Yes, the maximum amount of Wine Dollar that you can use in offsetting your purchase is limited to 50% of the invoice.

  • Q: When will Wine Dollar expire?

    A: The validity of the Wine Dollar is 12 months from the date of your last purchase. Everytime when you earn Wine Dollar, the validity of the accumulated Wine Dollar will also be extended.

  • Q: Can I transfer my Wine Dollar to another account?

    A: No, all the Wine Dollar can only be used within the same account.

  • Q: What can I do if I forget the password?

    A: You can click Here to reset your password. If you still cannot retrieve or reset your password, you may contact our customer service team by email.

  • Q: Can I place an order without registration?

    A: Yes, you may place an order as a guest. Winestry will not record and use your personal information (telephone number/email/address) and purchase record other than for the purpose of fulfilling your order. Meanwhile, you cannot join the “Wine Dollar” reward scheme.

  • Q: Can I return my purchase or request for a refund after receiving the merchandise?

    A: Due to the fact that the aroma, flavour and quality of the wine will be changed as time passes, we are not able to accept any return of merchandise or a request for refund. However, if the wine you received is different from what you ordered as appeared in the invoice, we will accept your return of merchandise or a refund, provided that the merchandise has to be intact, unsealed and unused, and the packaging must also be kept. Please contact us within 24 hours upon delivery, if not, we may reject your request for the return of merchandise. Winestry’s determination will be final and conclusive under the terms and conditions as mentioned above.

  • Q: How can I make a review or comment on the merchandise?

    A: After you receive the merchandise, we will send you an email, asking for your experience in the transaction. You may make a review or comment by clicking the link we sent you through the email. Apart from that, you can always go to the purchase record in “My Account”, and rate the purchased merchandise 1-5 Stars (5 Stars being the highest).

  • Q: Can I edit or delete my comments?

    A: No, once your comments are submitted, you cannot edit or delete them.

  • Q: Why is the review I made not posted?

    A: Comments that contain obscenity, blasphemy, aggressiveness, harassment, etc. will be edited or deleted without notification. Winestry will have the absolute discretion to show, edit and delete any comments.