Winestry is a trustworthy wine trading platform that provides ample and diverse selections of wine. Whether you are an experienced gourmet or a beginner in wine tasting, and whether you are interested in popular, rare, or unique wine, Winestry can instantly find your favorite wine and make it convenient to deliver to your home.

Winestry can also establish a business platform for those who are interested in developing their own wine business and can set their own price for trading. Sellers can also store wine in our temperature-controlled cellar, we are committed to providing more convenient and efficient sales services for our industry peers.

As a reliable and credible sales platform, Winestry provides wine inspection services to help verify the authenticity of wine labels and identify potential risks of wine spoilage. Winestry provides a comfortable shopping environment for customers who would like to purchase rare, aged, and fine wines. If you are looking for your favorite wine, Winestry is definitely your best choice.


Please upload the list of wine you wish to consign to Winestry (you can enter them manually or upload them in an Excel file by desktop version) and take photos of the merchandise (please refer to the demonstration for taking photos).

Merchandise can be delivered to our warehouse on your own or picked up by us.

Upon receipt of the sales list with photos, we will go through the list and contact you so that we can work out the selling price.

We will determine the recommended selling price range based on the market price, which includes the 15% service fee to be charged by Winestry (If the seller agrees to our recommended price, the storage fee will be waived during the sale).

Upon reaching a consensus, wine storage will be arranged.

Sellers can deliver the merchandise to our cellar on their own or notify Winestry to arrange collection. The first time collection fee is waived. If the merchandise is found to deviate from the confirmed sales list (style or quantity) during the course of collection, the relevant delivery fee will be charged.

When the wine arrives at our cellar, Winestry will check the wine type on the sales list and the condition of the wine. Winestry will also add a status description to it and take a photo of it for sales and record purposes.

Merchandise will be available on the website within two weeks.

We will notify you by email immediately for each bottle of wine sold, and sellers can view the sales status of their merchandise in My Inventory. The sale proceeds will be shown to your account once the completion of sale which is shown in My Assets of Winestry for your withdrawal or use.